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Mamaki Tea

Revered and treasured as a sacred plant, Hawaiian’s used mamaki for generations to aid in overall health and well-being.

With love and care, parents passed on the secret of mamaki to their children.

The mamaki plant is best known for its refreshing, smooth tasting, herbal tea and it’s medicinal uses.

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What People Are Saying About Our Tea

“As the youngest cancer survivor nine years ago, I’ve been using the mamaki tea. I found that drinking the tea has given me a refreshed and rejuvenating experience to a successful recovery.”
– Alicia, Housewife & Mother

“I was not really a tea drinker, because I don’t like its bitter taste, until I tasted mamaki tea. I first fell in love with its smooth and non-bitter taste, especially when I add some honey. Even my kids love it! My wife also loves to drink mamaki tea, especially a cup before bedtime. Drinking mamaki tea has helped me a lot, and my loved ones and friends love it too.”
Marino, Pastor
“I have no particular experience with using mamaki, but I have been taught by the elders of my ohana and by my Kupuna (cultural teacher) that the mamaki has always been, since the origins of my ancestors, a very powerful, cultural, and medicinal plant with numerous benefits. Some of the benefits of this particular plant are to help maintain a healthy balance in everyday living.”
Arthur, Farmer & Cultural Practitioner